Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping on all orders.

How much does shipping cost?





How long will it take to get my order?

We’ll begin processing your order immediately after payment is received. Average processing and shipping times are listed below.

Processing and Shipping times may be impacted by COVID-19


3-4 business days for Processing 

3-5 business days for Shipping 


3-4 business days for Processing

14-21 business days for Shipping

How do I know my order has been accepted?

You’ll receive an order confirmation via email with your order details.

How do I track my order?

A tracking number will be sent to your email after your order has been processed and shipped. 

Can I modify or cancel my order?

If you need to modify cancel your order let us know right away. We process and ship our rings as soon as possible so we can never guarantee we will catch it in time!

Do your rings come in a box?

Our rings will arrive in our custom designed packaging (box included) that you’ll want to keep as much as your ring!

What are the widths of your rings?

Our bands come in your choice of 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm widths.

Are your rings hypoallergenic?

They sure are! All our rings are hypoallergenic and safe to wear.

What are your Black Diamond Series Rings?

We’ve created a state-of-the-art ring by subjecting our special grade Tungsten Carbide to a temperature and pressure filled environment, creating a plasma cloud of atomic sized particles or carbon. This mixture is then deposited in multiple layers to create a hermetically sealed surface on the ring.

This vapour coating system is used on metals to increase surface hardness and reduce friction. It is used on expensive watch bezels and straps, Formula 1 engine parts, and many high tech industrial cutting tools.  Surface hardness of this material equals that of natural diamond and is 12x harder than Gold and 5x harder than Titanium or Steel. After our proprietary polishing process is complete, the coefficient of friction of ring is taken to the same level as that of ice or pure teflon. This is a key component in improving the scratch resistance of our rings.

Why is surface hardness so important?

Scratching on most rings can be buffed out. However, this removes material on the surface every time. It's a costly hassle to have to constantly buff your ring, and rebuffing only works on solid material. Electroplated rings do not respond well to rebuffing either. Because our rings have such a hard surface, we can avoid these issues altogether and maintain their look many years into the future.

Can they be cut off in an emergency?

While our Black Series rings are hard, they are not indestructible and are designed to shatter under sufficient force in order to protect against work place injuries.

What are your Tungsten Series Rings?

These rings comprise equal portions of Tungsten and Carbide plus 10-15% Nickel acting as a binder and ensuring the ring is hypoallergenic. All Silver Series rings are silver in colour and made from a mix of powder which is compressed at high pressure and temperature in a mold to form a casting. The result is machined to the finished dimensions using CNC controlled grinding machines. Special diamond grinding wheels are then required to complete the manufacturing process. The finished ring is polished into either our full-shine dome style or our matte finished chamfered style.

Are the Tungsten Series rings as hard as the Black Series?

These rings are very hard, however, their resistance to chipping and scratching is far less than the Black Series rings. They are still way harder than gold or titanium and will perform much better. The wearer of the ring, their lifestyle, and work type will determine the longevity of the rings resistance to scratching, chipping, and breakage. Standard class Tungsten Carbide at Hard Rings come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Can they be cut off in an emergency?

While our Silver Series rings are hard, they are not indestructible and are designed to shatter under sufficient force in order to protect against work place injuries.

How long does your exchanges & returns process take?

We’ll begin processing your exchange or return asap.

My item was a gift, can I still return it?

If you received the ring as a gift we’ll simply need you to provide the order number and the original customer name.

What's included in the Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Go here for all the details on our warranties.